Monday, August 6, 2012

Seeing his face

The first time I saw his face I melted. That night I went to sleep dreaming about a little Chinese boy and began to wonder what if...

I knew his diagnosis wasn't good. I knew he was already four. I knew he would need lifelong care. I knew we could't afford it. I knew there were more things in our way than I could count.  
AND I knew he. was. mine

I knew he was mine. I just didn't know how in the world it would all work. I remember Faith peeking over my shoulder and whispering, "Oh Mommy, can we adopt him?" And I said, "I don't know, Sweetie, it's SO expensive. I really didn't know, but I knew we had to try. This sweet face that had sneaked into my heart would die if someone didn't take the risk and come to get him. 

I also remember crying so hard when I honestly crunched the numbers and they didn't fit. I was heartbroken that a little boy wouldn't find a home because of money. It didn't seem fair. I tried to hide the tears that day, but my kiddos saw straight through it all. As I broke down they hugged me and started crying as well and told me they would sell all their toys for him.  
I cried harder.
They told me not to give up.
I cried buckets.
I told them there was just no way we could do it.
They told me they would sell lemonade.
It was 30 degrees outside.
Then they decided to go around the neighborhoods in the freezing cold and sell whatever they could.
Hope began to rise.
Maybe God was speaking through these kids and telling me to do everything I could to go get this boy.
Hope replaced fear.

Was is possible for a few coins to really add up to enough? Was it possible that God would do the impossible for one little boy? Did God really care about one heartbroken woman who wanted to give one little boy a chance to live?

God has proven to me again and again that He is faithful. I couldn't tell you how we've come this far. It has been quarters and dimes and pennies and many, many prayers. It has often come down to the very days we had to pay but to this point God has provided every single penny we have needed.

This week we will be featured on Give1Save1. It is a HUGE opportunity for our family to raise some funding for this little guy. The idea is everyone that sees the video gives just $1 and promises to spread the word. We need this thing to go on as many facebook,twitter, pinterest, wanelo and whatever other social media outlets are out there. 

The first time I gave to a family on there I felt silly giving $1 and thought it really wouldn't make a difference (so I think I gave $3) and then I watched the total every single day and they ended up with thousands! It really does make such a huge difference. What may be only $1 to you may mean our little boy gets here to the USA and gets the medical treatment he needs to survive!

Please don't think that $1 is silly. It may be nothing to you but it is everything to our family.

I wanted you to see the little boy you will be helping, but I have to ask you not to copy and paste his picture anywhere. So many of you have waited and prayed for him already.
Look at that face. Isn't he precious?
He's our son!


  1. This blog has given me hope.

    I just found you through the give1save1 site, and I gave $1.00 - which is nothing, I know, but I am hoping my 1 is not the only 1.

    But this blog post has given me much more than the spare change I have given you. My heart has been breaking for a child lately. Sometimes I think of a baby and my chest freezes up, I suddenly can't breath, tears come to my eyes for my unborn child. I want to have a baby - but I'm really sick. However, pregnancy is the only hope of a cure I have for my incurable disease. My doctor joked "pregnancy would be best for you - but then you'd have a baby!" oh, but I would keep my illness forever to have a baby. I would give anything, anything. It's possible for me to get pregnant - but not easy. And like you, I crunched the numbers and cried. We simply don't have the money - I'm about to finish college, and I'm still in that poor college couple phase of life.

    But reading this post, I felt deeply moved. God does not put in our hearts dreams we cannot achieve. I don't yet know if he's saying wait, or go for it and I will provide....but I do know the answer's not no.

    I am always deeply in awe of those called to adopt. I admire your faith and infinite strength through all of this. I hope that you make it - I hope God will provide. I hope this boy feels better soon, because I know how awful it is to be terribly, terribly sick. I will pray for him, and you, and I thank you so much for showing us all that faith can move mountains - not just mountains of money, or mountains of bureaucracy, but mountains of tears as well.

    Okay, I'm crying in my cubicle - gotta stop and pull it together! God bless you. Hugs. ~Rachel

  2. $1.00 is not nothing. It is hope and it means someone out there cares about our little boy as well. Thank you so much! Feel free to email me at and we can talk more. If I have learned anything it is that God always provides for orphans. Being at the right point in your life is important though. There is a lot that goes into adoption and it needs to be carefully prayed through. I will tell you that we prayed about it and talked about it for 8 years before the timing was right for us.