Monday, March 18, 2013

Gotcha Day

Wow, what a day! I don't even know where to start.

* Woke up and made it to the supermarket to get some noodle bowls with our amazing buddies, Sonia and Lori
* Headed to civil affairs office to get Simon
*Waited with 25 families
* Saw Simon through the curtain and waited to be one of the last families to get our son
* Cried as soon as he came out
* He automatically went to daddy (baba)
* He screamed and kicked when they handed him over to us (incredible heartbreaking moment)
* He reached for baba and calmed right down
* He is slowly warming up to me
* We brought a book with Chinese words and he loves showing us them and teaching us his language
* Went to dinner with friends
* Came back for bathtime
*Watched some kids shows (I have no idea what they were saying!)
*Cuddled in bed until Simon fell asleep

Tidbits of the day:
Simon LOVES his baba. He strokes his arm and even gave him a kiss! When it was time for bed he crawled into baba's bed and reached his arm over to snuggle him.

He's not so sure about me yet. He isn't rejecting me but will refuse me over baba. I really couldn't care less. I'm so thankful that he is bonding with at least one of us already! Besides, I'll win him over eventually with my totally amazing awesomeness. Right???

After we got here he didn't cry at all. Which broke me. Shouldn't a five year old who just left everything they have ever known be sobbing hysterically? Nope, he just looks a little unsure of us but that's it.

He came with one grocery type bag with a pair of pants and a book we sent. That's it. That was my boy's whole world. Sobs*

He keeps all of his new things in one backpack and stores them all neatly away. When we left for dinner he took everything including his old pants. I think he thought we were taking him somewhere new to be dropped off. It just about did me in when I saw him packing up his things.

It was a beautiful day. It was a heart wrenching day. That about sums it up.

And my good friend Sonia has all the pictures from the day and I'll get them up tomorrow after I download them to my computer!

Goodnight world. I'm going to go watch my baby sleep.


  1. So glad you have your special little boy with you now. Its amazing to hear be is bonding with his daddy. He will get used to you. He is now safe and going to have the best life he could have.

  2. Praising God that Simon is at last in your arms! Can't wait to see pictures, although I just saw the one with the three of you on Sonia's blog :) So happy that all the trials and difficulties of paperwork/other issues are behind you, and you have finally made it to this much sought after moment! WOOHOOO!!!!! So happy for you!!!!!!

  3. Happy tears! Congratulations!!1