Monday, March 11, 2013

Here we go

We leave for China in four days! 

I can't believe it.

I will hold my boy in one week from today.

One week!

I have waited a lifetime for this moment.

Since I first read the book about Gladys Aylward when I was 8 years old 

I have dreamed of China.

I have loved its people, its culture and its land.

God had plans. Big plans.

He planned for me to read a book about China

when I was 8 years old

and fall in love with its people

its culture

its land.

He planned for me to travel across oceans and mountains

and adopt one little boy that stole my breath away.

All for love. Because He first loved us. 

We love because He first loved us. 

This is grace. This is redemption.

This is earth shattering.

This is my son.

Here we go, Friends.

Here. we. go. 


  1. Yay Katie I am so happy for you!.... Hoping for safe travels and lots of prayers coming your way. How long will you have to staynin China before you return to the States?

  2. Don't you love when God brings things full circle like that? I have a picture of me as a little girl - also probably 7 or 8 - using my 'blankie' as a shayla (head scarf/covering)...and where did God place a huge chunk of my heart? In the Middle East.

    Praying as you go get your you get to go to the place that's captured a piece of your heart for so long! So excited for you guys!

  3. Sooo excited for you guys!...Beautiful post:)

    1. PS What orphanage is Simon in? By any chance is it the SWI in Guangzhou (that is where our little one is)?!

    2. It's Shenzhen City SWI. Send me an email if that is your orphanage and want me to look up your little one.