Tuesday, October 1, 2013

His Bride

I was brushing the tangles out of her hair.
It was Sunday morning and we were rushed, as usual.
But then the Lord impressed upon my heart this moment 
of time together. Time that passes so quickly.

So, we talked while I brushed her hair.
We talked about breakfast and life.
We began talking about worship.
I was explaining to her how special our time of worship is to us.
I was teaching her how we are the bride of Christ
and that  it is the time that we come before Him
and offer Him ourselves.
It is our time to place our lives on the altar before our Groom.
I told her that we know His love and feel His love reigning over us.
Because we are His Bride
and every Bride knows the love of her Groom

Love is beautiful.
We feel it. We know it. We soak in the glory of love.

Then she turned to me and asked me with kindness in her voice 
if he was part of Christ's bride.
Moments of teaching her become His moments of teaching me.
She knows his faults. She knows the pain he can cause.
Her concern was for him.

God spoke His truth into my heart.
I turned to her and spoke His simple, yet profound truth.
No, he is not yet part of His bride, but he will be.
She asked me how I knew.
I answered that my God was wooing him.
And when he chooses to woo His bride 
she always comes,
His love is too beautiful to resist.
His power is in His love.

God used a small moment to remind me of what is really going on here.
Despite trials, and fits and moments of darkness
His light is shining down on this home
through this boy,
my son.
I am blessed to be a witness.