Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have come to realize that although the waiting of this adoption feels like torture most days yet it is precisely because of that waiting that I have made some wonderful new friends and connections.

They are my lifeline. Nobody understands the pain of waiting like another adoptive mommy. It's pure therapy to reach out to them and know they honestly, 100% get it. God is so good to remind us that we are never alone and that He is with us each and every step.

While we are in the home stretch I'm living vicariously though those same friends as they blog about their time in China. I'm loving all the pictures that give me a glimpse of what is ahead of me. I cry over these blogs. No joke. Tears, buckets of tears.

Adoption is beautiful and miraculous, and grounded in brokenness. It's heartbreaking to see the nanny that sobs as she says goodbye to the baby she has been loving for the past years. It rips your heart out to see and hear how these kids are grieving. They are too young to understand and all they know is they are being handed to strangers by the same people they have loved and attached to and then those people leave. And their new mommy and daddy don't speak their language!

But it's also beautiful to see them grow attached to their mommy and daddy. It's amazing to get to see those pictures of those first attempts at bonding. So, until we get to have the experience ourselves I'm soaking in all the news of these ladies!

Go check out their blogs:

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  1. Right there with you! I see a couple that I don't follow, so off to read them. Thanks!