Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Conversation starters

Adoption has opened my eyed to so many other devastations in the world. It has opened my eyes to the needy widow in another country who can't feed her children. It has opened my eyes to the divorced mother in my own church who struggles to raise her children without their father. It has opened my eyes to the issue of human trafficking. It has opened my eyes and broken my heart.

There is something to be said for the fact that once your eyes have been opened there is no turning back. The eyes of a million hurting people haunt my soul. I want to spark a flame for others to research and find out what is going on in the world beyond the doors of their own home. Take a look around you and see and feel the ache of a world that has no hope in Christ. They have no hope.

We need to start conversations with our pastors and elders in our churches. What are we doing as the body of Christ to actually BE His body. Are we helping the hurting? Are we at the very least vocalizing their pain. Silence is our sin. If we know of atrocities and remain silent we have sinned against the God that has created us. If we see pain in others and remain silent we grieve our Father.

I don't claim to have any suave answers to these problems in our world today. I don't even claim to know where to begin. I don't claim that it's not controversial. But what I do know is that we need to be having these conversations. We need to be having the hard conversations in our homes and in our churches. We need to speak of the unspeakable atrocities that are occurring within our world and within our own country. Put a voice to the nameless faces. Name them out loud. Name the atrocities. Name the people.






Start the conversation. Ask the questions. Refuse to be silent. 

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