Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hard times and Halloween

We have hit on some rough times in our adoption journey. 
It seems like everything has gone wrong all at once. You know the scene in the Batman movie
where he stands in the middle of the cave surrounded by his greatest fear, the bats, and he just 
oh, so incredibly stands tall? 
I often feel like that. 
I feel like I am regally standing in the midst of my fears... only in real life as soon as you stand tall some horrible, unforeseen enemy swoops down and knocks you right onto your toosh.
Kinda takes the wind right out of your sails.
Whoosh. Thud. So much for standing tall...
Real life isn't glamorous. The bad guys don't wait for you to get your batman suit on, they just come at you when you least expect it.
If only they did wait, because I would so ROCK the batman suit.

We scrambled to get all of our paperwork done and ready to be sent to be authenticated and sealed only to be told first by our agency that they forgot a step. (a big, huge step that cost us weeks and money)
Then to be told once we finally mailed it that it was all done incorrectly.
However, there is a slight chance it will still pass.
But my God is bigger than slights and however's and mountains standing in the way.
So, we are stepping onward in faith and getting our next round of paperwork ready to go as soon as we hear the word. 
That's it.

...maybe I should be batman tomorrow for Halloween...

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  1. Katie - I will pray that they will accept your paperwork as is! We hit a few of the roadblocks, agency screw-ups, and re-dos as well....very frustrating! Just keep remembering that God is so much bigger than all these things. We are traveling to get our daughter within the next month and you will be going to get your son before you know it!!
    Blessings, Shawn