Saturday, November 3, 2012

Adoption Awareness

During our whole adoption process we have had things said to us, lots of things, some have been hurtful but more importantly some things have opened our eyes to the indifference all around us.

We've heard the questions like, "Why would you do this?"

We've heard the comments like,
 "You don't have to be the one to do this. You don't have to take one so fragile and needy."

"Why not wait for a healthy baby?"

"Why not have another one of your own?"

"You have enough on your plate."

"Your hands are already full."

"You're not going to do this again are you?"

I confess my own indifference. I confess that I try to harden my heart daily. I don't want to see the pain all around me. It is overwhelming. I don't want to notice ALL the other orphans needing families when I pick up my own son. I don't want to hear their cries as I walk away. I don't want to look into any of their eyes and see their need. I want to pick up my son, cradle him in my arms, feel like I have done well and go home.

I'm going to leave you with this link to an amazing video that convicts and begs the questions that God whispers in our hearts. And ask you, my friend, what is it that God wants you to do for the least of these?  

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  1. I'm sure you were too polite to mention this one that we've heard, "Isn't that going to be hard on your 'real' kids?"
    I assure you that, not only are all the children in our home "real" and "ours", but your children, whom have entered your family the old fashioned way, will grow along with you!
    The idea that God wouldn't guide you into something that is difficult and might require a lot of sacrifice is completely unbiblical... just as importantly, however, we miss seeing God work in our lives far more powerfully than if we took the risk-free route.
    It is assumed that high-needs kids will drain a family and suck all the life out of it. We have never experienced life and excitement like this before opening our home to kids who need a family.