Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Joydrops from heaven

I am feeling overwhelmed with blessings today. So many details and gifts that God has given me. 

First, our dossier passed authentications!!! This is truly, incredibly huge since even the courier thought we may have to redo the entire thing. Not a single question. It is stamped and sealed and approved. To say it's a miracle doesn't seem like a large enough term. But it is just that. A miracle. 

Second, we were put in touch with a volunteer at our son's orphanage and I've wondered myself a few times if she isn't truly an angel from heaven. She has updated me every day this week on my boy. *tears* She tells me what he is wearing that day and how he did in class and what he was doing during lunch. It's like a glimpse into my son's life. Every morning I wake up to a new story about how caring he is with the smaller children or how helpful he was with the nannies. 

Third, we were updated that his medical condition remains stable. Stable! Another miracle. He's not even small for his age. He is active and running around and he was able to receive his last transfusion. That transfusion buys us another month. *sobs* My boy is okay. He's going to make it! I'll actually get to hold him in my arms. Words can't express what this information has done for me. 

Fourth, a fellow adoptive momma that I have become good friends with through blogs, emails and facebook is picking up her son in a little over a week. She lives only a few short hours from us. Here's where is starts to get miraculous

Hang on, Friends, my God has been moving in our lives before I ever had any idea I had a son across the oceans. 

We both found our sons on the same blog and this friend found me through pinterest. What are the chances right? We realized a few months back that our sons are from the same orphanage. But that means very little because there are so many children there. This volunteer...let's call her,"The Angel,"told both of us today that our two sons are best friends, orphanage "brothers." 
My dear friend went back through her files to where it listed his best friends and there in the very first spot was my son's name!!

The world has never, ever felt so small. My son will be able to stay friends with his best friend from an orphanage on the other side of the world. He will get to have playdates and sleepovers and share secrets with the same boy that held his hand when neither one of them had a mommy or a daddy; they only had each other. 

But they had a God that saw them and chose to place them each in a Christian home in the same state. What a gift. A precious, miraculous gift. My God has surely had his hand in the adoption of these two little boys. He brought their mommies to a website during the same week to find them, to a silly thing called pinterest, to form a new friendship all to allow these two boys to keep that special bond. From China to Michigan He has loved them. From China to Michigan he has been planning their reunion. He was listening when they whispered to each other their dreams of a mommy and daddy. He was listening when they wondered what they would be like, if they would ever come. He was watching as they watched out for each other. He was loving them all along.

He has always been their Father and now he has given them each a daddy to lead them to Him. 
Can it get any better than that? I can.not.wait. for them to realize that they get to stay friends! I cannot wait for them to see each other again. I cannot wait to hold my son in my arms and then watch him run into his brothers arms and I cannot wait for the day that he realizes that God did that all for Him, just because He loves him. 

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