Friday, November 9, 2012

Black Friday!!!

Come back closer to Black Friday and I am going to put together a list of 
adoptive families that are fundraising for Christmas.

Because really, do the department stores NEED your money? 

There are tons of great things out there that families are selling.

There are t-shirts and they really are cute too! :) If you order them type in Garrick when checking out

Really cute artwork

And this one I just found today. It's a Keurig giveaway! You don't even have to donate although I put a shameless plug in that you do. :) $10 gets you five entries!! It's such a sweet family adopting a sweet little girl and we can all have the chance to help change her world!
Here's the link. Go look, enter as many ways as you can.

If you know of more family fundraisers or you have one of your own please link up below in the comments! I want to have a big Black Friday Post so that we can bring home as many of these orphans as possible!!!


  1. We are very excited about this particular fundraising opportunity! This is the chance to help us bring our girls home from China, AND at the same time to help prevent children in Haiti from having to grow up in an orphanage! We have partnered with The Apparent Project to sell their handmade bracelets.

  2. We also have something so appropriate for gift giving that is in progress but not on the blog yet. One of my adult daughters created a series of little crochet creatures - a red dragon, a monkey, and a panda, plus a little Asian doll. They are totally adorable! Stay tuned! And thank you for thinking of the adoptive parents working hard to bring their children home!

  3. Thank you! I will be sure to add it on the post. :) I can't wait to see the crochet dragon and panda!!

  4. She has them ready, Katie! Here is what she has to say: Looking for a "shop local" Christmas present option that guarantees 90% or more of your money will go toward helping a family adopt two precious little girls from China? Check out these little amigurumi animals and dolls! Each one is crocheted and handstitched with love by a crocheter with over 15 years of experience.

    Adopt one of these adorable crocheted animals or dolls and help a family bring home two orphans from China! 90% or more of the proceeds go directly toward adoption costs (I retain approximately $1.50 to help offset material expenses). Teach your family the value of donating to a good cause and adopt an adorable new stuffed toy at the same time! Each one is lovingly handcrafted by a stay-at-home mom with over 15 years of experience crocheting. Choose from three popular Chinese animals – a Chinese dragon, a monkey, or a panda – or bring home your own version of a little girl from China! Each stuffed toy measures between 4.5” and 6” tall.

    You may see photos of them on Randi's blog at or more specifics at Rachael's Etsy page