Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fill our hearts

There are two boys I want us all to help. It just seems right.
It's Christmas and these boys need it to be the last one they ever spend without a family.
They need to hear the story of the Christ child that came to earth so that they could know of God's great love.

Most of you have heard of Edward and Percy and the plight to find them a family quickly. You can go here to keep up on them I am in awe of how God has moved in people's hearts all over the world for these boys. Every where I go I hear stories of people that have heard of these boys or seen them on the internet. Oh my heart, they need a family. God is moving and when God moves the world listens.

I have an amazing opportunity to share with you. A sweet friend has volunteered her time and talents to helping these boys find a family. She is going to be putting together a fundraiser for them. Here is how it works. (I'm giddy over's that awesome)

She is going to put together a gorgeous scrapbook with notes of encouragement from all of us who are praying and advocating for these boys. For only $8 you can email Molly and send her your message to the boys. She will catalog them all and put them into this book and then give it to the family that adopts these boys!
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Isn't that awesome???
I'm really excited about this. Goosebumps excited.
They will see that God moved the world for them. They will see our prayers for them. They will know that God is calling them out of the life of orphans and placing them into a family. They will see how very much their God has been loving them all along.

Let's poor ourselves into this. All $8 will go to the fund for these boys. Let's fill this book so that poor Molly has to squeeze in every last note of love and encouragement to them.

First mail in a check to MAA to the address here, please make sure you include a note that it is for the Edward and Percy Fund.
Madison Adoption Associates
1009 Woodstream Drive
Wilmington, DE 19810

Or you can donate online (yay, for convenience) if you follow this link:

Then you can email Molly at

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