Sunday, December 2, 2012

Limbo Land

It's time for an update!

Most days I feel like there isn't much of an update, but each day gone is one day closer to our boy. I'd count down the days if I knew how many there would be!!

We are in limbo right now. Here's what we know.

We had LID (log in date) before Thanksgiving. My agency doesn't seem to know exact days so it was "sometime before." I count the day before as our official LID day. So, LID the 21st.

We know the China Center dealing with paperwork has agreed to expedite the dossier process. Which means faster translation and approval. On the usual timeline it takes anywhere from one to three months. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but we're already a few weeks out so I'm hoping any day now to hear that we are LOA (letter of acceptance).

Then we send a care package. It better come soon because this package keeps growing. Every time I go run errands I find just one more small thing to sneak in there!! I have two sets of Cars socks, stickers, hot wheels, a photo book, a glow stick, a coloring book and crayons. Oh, and letters/drawings from the kids.

...I had to go buy a larger envelope...

So, right now we are filling out our I800 paperwork to have ready to mail in as soon as we hear the word from China. We will be meeting with our State Representative to ask him to officially oversee that our next few steps get expedited. 

Pray, pray, pray.

I have seen God do amazing, incredible things in this adoption and I am confident that if we ask He will answer. Pray that we get that LOA in even the next few days. That would be miraculous!

We get updates from our special inside source nearly daily. :) I get to hear what he was wearing, what he ate, if he took a nap and when he gets his blood transfusion. It makes the days more bearable. 

Pray that when he goes to get his next transfusion that they have enough blood to give him. It will be sometime after the 10th of this month.

And we officially have chosen a name for him. He is Simon Ken-zhi Jiang Hurst. Simon means "God has heard." :) Love it. Love him. Want. him. 


  1. Ahhhhh! LOVE! Simon you are one special little boy and you are SO loved! I can only hope I get the honor and privilege of meeting you one day. -sniff-sob-cry-snot bugger-snot bugger.

  2. Blogger ate my first comment ;(

    I found your blog through our etsy conversation just wanted to say I'll be keeping your family and your little one in China in my prayers
    Although we are not matched with a child yet we are also in a China special-needs adoption process

    I hope your journey ahead goes quickly

  3. So glad you found me, Janice! Do you have a blog as well?

    It can be a grueling journey, but in the end, holding our kiddos will make it all worthwhile.