Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Tiny Bump

We are nearly there. It seems we have hit every bump in the road possible. We certainly have hit every major holiday in both countries and it has slowed our adoption down much more than anticipated. We are waiting on our Article 5 (immigration) which should come this week. SHOULD. Will you pray that it does? Then we just wait for travel approval which gives us permission to enter the country.

We have hit one more bump in the road. I consider it a small bump after all the mountains that have fallen before our eyes. We recently received word that some fees increased. Yikes. Not what I want to hear at the very end of this journey. We will also be traveling during yet again another holiday season. Which, unfortunately increases our traveling fees greatly. We would wait but frankly our son's health doesn't give us that luxury. We are racing him home and straight to a hospital. I am confident that God has this. He knew about this long before we were hit with it.

In an effort to cover those unexpected final costs we will be hosting an auction in the coming week. So, please check back as I work to get all of that set up. There will be some amazing things at great prices!

I also have some necklaces made by Rebekah Blocher to use for fundraising. I only have a few days left before I need to send them back. So if you would like one please let me know quickly so that I can place them aside.

They are $22 dollars a piece and $2 for shipping. Please leave a comment below to order them

The cross is SOLD!

Brown Circle SOLD!

Red Heart SOLD!

Dragonfly and Dots SOLD!


  1. I will take the circle flower on the left (second pic) with the turquoise edging! Let me know how I can order:)

  2. I'm so sorry! I recently sent back the ones that hadn't sold! If you would like to take a look at our auction feel free to do so.
    You can find it at:

  3. That's okay:)I will take a look at your link!