Tuesday, February 26, 2013


We are officially waiting for Travel Approval.
That's it. One official letter that says we can come get our boy!

It's Crunch Time.
It's panic time.
It's oh-my-word I have so much to do time.

Average time spans for Travel Approval are anywhere from 9 days to 25 days.
Those are subject to change...without notice. 

So, keep us in your prayers. We have asked that due to Simon's medical needs that they expedite
that travel approval.
Asking doesn't mean they will.
Let's pray that they will!

We are hosting one last fundraiser. Travel costs have increased, government fees have increased 
and we have found ourselves just a few thousand short.
I'm not worried. Really.
I've seen God move much larger mountains.

So, we have an auction on facebook. There are starting bids for each item. 
To bid on an item you only need to place your dollar amount in the comment section below the picture.
Items will be added until Friday and the bidding ends next Tuesday March 5th at noon. 
Winners will be announced that evening and contacted through facebook after winning.
Payment for items can be paid through a paypal invoice or by mailing a check. 
It's up to you. 

We have been very blessed to have lots of etsy stores donating amazing items.
Don't miss out on these great prices!

Here is the link to the facebook page:

Here is the link to the album of items on facebook:

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