Friday, June 8, 2012

The daily humdrum

So, we continue to work on paperwork but now it is for our official dossier! Exciting, and a little frightening. Everything has to be done just perfectly before it is sent off to China. According to what I'm told it will take us the better part of the next few months to complete this thing! 

We are hosting a garage sale next Friday and Saturday. So, this week means the house is turned upside down trying to get stuff ready. Should I mention I've never done this and organization is not exactly one of my strengths??? If you happen to stop by in the next week, have mercy and try not to judge the status of my house! 

We have another home study to schedule. China apparently requires us to meet together a minimum of four times. Our agency is graciously trying to use our previous domestic home study to count as one of those! 

We are also working on a super amazing giveaway fundraiser! We have some great prizes and one spectacular grand prize that I may or may not be wishing I could win for myself!!!

That's it. Not much, right? 

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