Monday, April 23, 2012

Becoming a People of Prayer

Prayer is a way to communicate with our God. It is how we lay our burdens and anxiety at His feet and how we make our requests made known to Him. During this time Craig and I are desperate for God's leading and for Him to answer prayers. We are also very human and admittedly exhausted. The road to adoption is a very spiritual journey and we often find ourselves discouraged, confused and not knowing which way to go from here. 

There are moments when we are too tired to form any thoughts that make sense and while I know that God hears even our simple cries for help we would like to ask those of you surrounding us to lift us up in prayer. We are asking for ten people to commit to daily lifting us up to the Lord, to knock on heaven's door when we find ourselves too exhausted to keep our eyes open. 

We believe that prayer is a strong foundation. God does hear our prayers and the prayers of His children reach His heart and mind. Without prayer as part of our foundation we find ourselves weak and in confusion. God intended us to pray and to pray deeply. 

We are hoping that at least ten of our friends will commit to this project and diligently pray daily for our needs. If you would like to be part of this please comment below or email me at We will keep this group of people updated weekly with our prayer requests and how we are doing in the middle of this journey. 

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