Friday, May 18, 2012

Calling All Bakers!

Calling all my incredibly gifted baking friends! We are putting together an online bake sale. I know, I know it's an odd thing to host online, but we have so many friends and family all over the place that I think this way works best. 

Here is how it will work:
If you want to participate send me an email with your idea for the recipe to
Whoever bakes it ships it. So once the sale has ended I will send you your orders. You bake them up and ship them out. I just ask that you bake and ship them within a week of getting the orders in to you.
Make sure you let me know how many you are willing to make so I can put a limit on that item!
If you are local and have an item that cannot be shipped but you would like to donate for the sale then I will mark it "for locals only."
A third of the cost of the items will be sent to you, the baker, through paypal to help with the cost of shipping.
Two thirds of every sale will go directly to our adoption fund for Jiang!

I will have a separate page for this event on our blog so that it will be easy to link and find. 
Pictures will be a huge plus! 
Make sure to get the word out with your friends!  Word of mouth is the only way this works. Tweet it, email it, blog it and facebook it. 

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