Friday, May 18, 2012

Speaking Faith into Others

Perhaps it is the guilt of others, perhaps it is meant in the best of ways. But no matter how it begins it comes out as judgment, harsh, ugly, in your face judgment. Perhaps it's a by product of my passion for orphan care that others feel the need to go into offensive mode and attack. I don't know why it is. I just know it is.  And I know the harm it does to me, to others, to the orphan and most importantly to the call God gives us all.

Do you know what happens to an adoptive parent when a well meaning friend comes and speaks their concerns over them? Do you know the terror, the questions, the nightmares that plague them after those "well meaning" words? Do you know what happens if they jump ship and decide not to adopt because their friends were right? 143 million orphans happens.

You are right. Many of us come to the table with nothing, nothing but open eyes. We don't have much in the world's eyes. Most adoptive parents I have rubbed shoulders with started with very little in their pocket to fund this journey, but they had hearts that said "I will." You are right. We don't have $30,000. Heck I'd be happy with a third of that. You are right we could have said no. For three years Christians have said no to our Jiang. He along with millions have waited for Christians to take up the call and bring them home. If Christians took up the call to adopt there wouldn't be orphans waiting. But too many have heard the questions in their hearts. They have heard doubt spoken over them. They heard and believed the road was impossible to travel.

Adoption is no less a calling from God than mission work is. It is just as clear in scripture. Adoption is not a wish or a dream fulfillment. It is a covenant with God, an answer to the burden He places in the hearts of His people. It is a picture of the Gospel message for the whole world to see and know that He is God. He sets the fatherless in families. And if Satan wants to attack anything it is the Gospel. There is nothing more powerful than the Gospel. And he hates it. He despises adoption. He hates those who choose to answer the call to adopt.

I encourage you to choose your words carefully. Be oh so very careful. Those of us on this road hold onto our faith with what sometimes feels like the last strength in our bones. We know on a daily basis that we can't do this and we are on our knees hourly begging God to help us finish this race.

I encourage you to speak faith into those you know going through adoption. Remind them of God's faithfulness. Encourage them to call back to memory the miracles of God. Speak over them the faith in your heart, because you never know what kinds of terror Satan is planting in their soul today. Help them in this fight. Surround them with the community of Christ and lift them up in prayer. Cast away the doubt and speak your faith out loud.

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