Monday, November 19, 2012

Shopping Online for a Cause

I'll admit it. I am usually a huge Black Friday shopper. I gather all my ads together highlighting as I study them. Then I place them all out in order by times of sales and get my plan of attack all together and then I hit the stores in those crazy wee hours of the night/morning/whatever time of day it actually is. I take those tips from the Target Shopping Lady very seriously. She was life changing. Dress in a red shirt folks. Blend in and act natural as you walk to the front of the line. Own the night.
Oh and Starbucks loves me on Black Friday. 

This year I'm not going shopping. Collective Gasp. I know, I know. I'll wear a red shirt and name tag and mourn all day long. But the thing is I'm in the middle of an adoption, the transmission on our only car is shot and the bonus didn't come this year. So, we are making nearly all our gifts instead. The good news is that I am fairly creative so don't panic if you are on my list!!! It won't be that painful, I promise!

 See? I really can make a few things... Just don't ask me to sew!

Really, isn't the world going to online shopping these days anyways. Avoid the death sentence of Black Friday shopping at Walmart. Avoid the insanity of Target. Avoid the train wreck of Old Navy and their piles of clothes all over the store because everyone is in such a rush to get to the line before the 2am cutoff. Oh.My.Word.  ...not sure I'm really going to miss it one single bit...

Alternatives? Yes, yes, yes!! I've compiled a list of families that are fundraising for their adoptions. 
You can purchase gifts for everyone in your family, still live, and save some orphans all at the same time. 

So here's an awesome list of things to purchase. 

An auction for Maya Grace from China. Ends 11/28

Momma for Maya Grace also sells thirty-one bags and gifts

Some really amazing artwork that a daddy is making for his family adoption fund

Hair bows at AMAZING prices. And 10% of each order goes to Pearl River Outreach

Creative Memories has an adoptive momma working to fund their adoption.

Another thirty-one momma. Pick one. Either one. Pick both and buy for all the ladies in your family!!

Not gonna lie. This is probably my favorite. Adorableness bleeds out of these little outfits!

Amazing family adopting two kiddos! Lots and lots of options on her etsy page.

One of my favorite families is still raising money through Zoe Clothing. Type Garrick when checking out.

Some super-duper, cute little crochet animals. Very Chinese. Very close to my heart.
Same family different fundraiser

One page for a few fundraisers for one family bringing home two kiddos.

This family gets a percentage of the profit from t-shirts sold from Olive Tree. Go to the right side of their blog and click the Olive Tree button.

Our own etsy store.

I'll also be selling those bracelets at the top for only $5 a piece!!!

If you know of others or want yours added please comment below and I'll add it to our growing list!!


  1. I, too, was an avid Black Friday shopper, and would pour over ads plotting my plan of attack. But it just isn't the same any more, and I am so THANKFUL that you highlighted all these great families, including ours! I would much rather shop for a cause than fight the crowds! Erin Schmidt &